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Latour a Civitella
Orvieto secco
Orvieto amabile
Poggio della Costa
Civitella Rosso

Sergio Mottura vineyards grow many varieties of grapes:
: produces sparse bunches, is very resistant to rot, reddish-gold in colour, it is of limited yield but has distinctive personality.
Verdello: has compact bunches, a dark green colour, high acidity and fine and delicate bouquet.
Grechetto: our favourite variety of which three different clones have been selected, has rich, heady, lasting bouquets together with full and persistent body.
Drupeggio or Rupeccio, has a flowery bouquet and velvet-smooth body.
Chardonnay: the base for our classic method "champenoise" sparkling.
Merlot, Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and Pinot Noir:
all red varieties very often apt to turn to great wines in our area.

A veritable artist's palette of bouquets and tastes from which no create wines of distinctive flavour. While the Mottura vineyards are worked in the true traditional manner using only natural fertilisers and the grapes are picked by hand, the actual vinification on the estate employs the most up-to-date technology to the exlusion of all chemical additives. The harvest is gently crushed in horizontal presses. After which the must are imediately cooled to hasten the sedimentation of all foreign matter (solil, skins, seeds, etc.) and fermentations occurs "in bianco" (i.e. after the skins have been removed, on the pure, clear juice).

During fermentation the temperature is mantained at between 18 and 20 C, optimum to preserve and encourage the development of the natural flavours of the must.
The wine is then left to rest for several months on its lees and the winter climate helps it to clarify. This is when the creative wine-producer comes into is own, this is where the genuinity of his product plus his personal taste combine to give life to his wines Poggio della Costa, Tragugnano, Orvieto Dry and Orvieto amabile (semi-sweet), the
Muffo and the Spumante Metodo Classico, which are all bottled on the estate and laid down to age for several years in the cool underground "tufo" caves that serve as the Sergio Mottura wine cellars.

Sergio Mottura
Loc. Poggio della Costa, 1 - 01020 Civitella d'Agliano (VT)
Tel. +39 0761 914533 - Fax +39 0761 1810100
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